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Care workers’ induction training – essential or luxury?

Induction training is often viewed as a luxury only large organisations can afford. All too often, smaller companies plead lack of time as a reason to ignore this very important initial staff training. Providing a staff handbook and showing new employees where the toilets are is not enough.

Staff induction training is important and should never be considered an inconvenience or a time-consuming luxury, even for small healthcare organisations. In-house induction training should cover areas such as your company’s procedures and basic information like break times and terms and conditions of employment. ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) has a useful PDF available for download on staff recruitment and induction which explains what should be included.

Starting a new job is a stressful time. Your recruit will know little about the workings of your organisation and what might be expected of them. In some cases, they are expected to get to work immediately, which increases stress levels and anxiety. All too often, new staff have to ‘pick it up as they go along’, perhaps by shadowing another employee. This can result in lower standards as poor practices are passed down through the organisation.

Comprehensive induction training benefits both you and your employees. It demonstrates your commitment to your most valuable resource – your staff. It also helps boost your staff retention levels. High numbers of people resign from their jobs within just a few weeks of appointment. This can leave you in the lurch and faced with another round of time-consuming and expensive recruitment costs.

Unlike other industry sectors, healthcare companies have complex needs when it comes to staff induction training. It’s not enough to acquaint your new recruits with the internal workings of your company. As a healthcare provider, you are responsible for ensuring your team have successfully completed their mandatory training. While some of your new recruits might be experienced and hold current training certificates, many will be new to the healthcare industry.

Healthcare induction training must introduce the role of the care worker and cover all the essential skills training required by law. Unless you have an in-house training department with trained trainers, you must either arrange external skill-based induction training or bring in costly freelance trainers. This is where Unity Training Solutions’ Care Induction Training comes in. With a comprehensive three-day course, delivered by experienced care industry trainers, you can fulfil your induction training needs affordably and easily, and ensure your staff are well-prepared, confident and fully equipped for their healthcare careers.

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Launch of Health Care Training Website

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